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Please Note! We do not accept unsolicited contributions to this site. Please do not send us your customer service horror stories -- we have plenty of our own.

Comments are Welcome: While we don't accept story submissions, comments on articles that are pertinent to what's presented there are fine. Stick to the facts -- do not defame companies with libelous remarks. The truth is quite sufficient. Really. Only comments which add value will be approved for posting. Obviously, the comments are the opinion of the posters, and thus naturally do not necessarily represent the opinion of the article contributors or the site's owners.

Our Mission:

The mission of this site is to put this site out of business. Which is to say, we want to remind businesses that treating customers right matters. The customer isn't always right, but that's no excuse for sloppy or bad customer service. When companies do a poor job, they should hear about it and know we -- and others -- care. (We also will not shy away from the biggest business of all: government!)

No, we don't expect our mission to be fulfilled in our lifetimes. But we can and will work toward our ultimate goal.

About Site Advertising

We don't control what ads appear here -- they're automated and show what the ad vendor thinks may be of interest in relation to the content shown on the site. Yes, sometimes the ads are ironic, even funny in context. We think that's part of what makes the site fun.

About the Authors:

The essays published here are by Randy Cassingham and several of his online friends. They are copyrighted and may not be published elsewhere without prior, written permission from the identified author. There is a link to the author's site so you can contact them if you must. (And if you like what you read, at the very least you should visit the author's site!)

About the Founder:

This site was created and is maintained by Randy Cassingham, an online publisher since the Dark Ages of the Internet (1994). He is the author of This is True (established 1994), author of the Spam Primer (1996), author of the Honorary Unsubscribe (1998), founder of HeroicStories (1999), the creator of the Get Out of Hell Free card (2000), the author of the True Stella Awards (2002), the author of the Bonzer Sites of the Week (2003), the founder of Jumbo Joke (2004), the founder of Cranky Customer (2006), and the founder of the Mug Shot Museum (2010).

For contact info see this page. Note that all communications from any company mentioned on this site are subject to being published here. In fact, we invite official responses.

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